Interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program

Lutherans Social Services of the Southwest operates the Interfaith – Homeless – Emergency – Lodging – Program or I-HELP to assist individuals experiencing homelessness move from crisis to stability.

I-HELP is a results-oriented program that uses what churches have in abundance; space, volunteers, and the desire to help a guest by providing overnight emergency shelter.

The I-HELP team assists host sites by providing resources such as meals, cots, or volunteer support needed to shelter guests safely for the night. Acceptance into the program for individuals experiencing homelessness is contingent on their willingness to work on individualized, accountability-based, results-oriented, life transition plan which includes an agreement to work toward the goal of ending their homelessness.

Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest currently operates the I-HELP program in
Mesa, Glendale, the Northwest Valley, the Southwest Valley, Peoria, and Phoenix.

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Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest

Do You Know All They Do?
For more than 45 years, Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest has stabilized individuals and families during times of crisis and transition, built a self-reliant foundation where all people can fulfill their most basic needs, and preserved dignity and respect for our most fragile population in Arizona.

Aging & Disability Services
Prevents seniors and individuals with disabilities from experience isolation, loneliness, and health risks, so that they can live safely in their homes and within their communities. Includes home care, habilitation, Meals on Wheels, and grocery shopping services.

Children & Family Services
Builds strong families to help children grow in safe and loving families through a comprehensive range of services. Includes adoption, child and family workshops, community education, Family Resource Centers, foster care, parent aide and supervised visitation.

Emergency Services
Relieves hunger and homelessness for neighbors facing extreme poverty. Includes interfaith Homeless Emergency Lodging Program (I-HELP), food pantries, rent & utility assistance, SNAP assistance, health insurance outreach and enrollment, and disaster preparedness.

Refugee and Immigration Services
Resettles the world’s most vulnerable neighbors fleeing war, violence, and persecution. Includes resettlement, immigration, employment assistance, K-12 education services, and women’s empowerment.

How Can You Help?
Volunteer: A variety of opportunities to match your skills and interests are available.
Come & See: Attend a one-hour tour of their mission at locations across the state.
Connect: Engage your community group, friends or congregation members in an impactful way. Foster: Open your home and heart to children in need of your love.
Subscribe: Receive newsletters, advocacy alerts and other updates about their work. Explore the website for info on all of the above topics: www.lss-sw.org.

Donation Needs:
Bus & light rail passes or gas cards
Children’s diapers and adult pull-ups
Boxes of cereal, canned food
New car seats and booster seats
Cleaning supplies: Lysol wipes, kitchen & bathroom cleaning spray
Note: Contact Lutheran Social Services directly to donate the above items.

And Did You Also Know? All Saints provides meeting space for an LSS-SW social worker to meet with clients and offer financial assistance with utilities.

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Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission

The Navajo Mission is located at Rock Point, AZ on the Navajo Indian Reservation. It celebrates the Navajo culture, educates the children who attend the school about the stories of Jesus and provides a sacred worship space for church groups that come to volunteer at the mission. For more information contact the church office at 602-866-9191 or click on the link below to be directed to the Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission website.

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Iglesia Luterana "Vida Nueva"

Through Social Ministry, ASLC has agreed to partner with our Hispanic Lutheran church in Phoenix. This means monetary commitment, pulpit sharing and hopefully some social events. Volunteer opportunities exist in mentoring and English language help.
Check out the most recent update they sent us on their minitries!

Bulletin Update

ELCA Missionary: Pastor Kristin Engstrom

Hello dear siblings in Christ,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration and a Happy New Year.

I have been here in Zambia, working with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zambia (ELCZa), for almost a year now. During that time, I have been welcomed and invited into ministry by our siblings in the ELCZa. The church here has been a blessing, even as the work I am called to has challenged me to develop new skills and ways of ministry that are appropriate for the Zambian context.
In order to share with you about the ministry I am now called to with the ELCZa, I have made a short video overview (5 mn).

Mulungu, a kudalisani. (God bless you), Pastor Kristin Engstrom 

Pastor Kristin Engstrom Kristin’s birthday: June 5
Ordination: September 13
Anniversary: June 27
Companion Synod Connection: Grand Canyon Synod 
Home-base: Minnesota, Iowa
Education: BA-International Relations and Comparative Literature - University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI MDiv. Pastoral Ministry - Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, IL

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